What to memorize

Albert Einstein is claimed to once have said that he keeps nothing in his mind that can be easily retrieved from paper – or looked up. As far as I’m concerned, you should not memorize most things but instead memorize where and how to quickly find the required information and how to use it. Also,…

Get Network card driver version remotely


Share folder with PowerShell


Start SCCM WSUS IIS pool with PowerShell

Some times the WSUS server on SCCM can stop. If the WSUSPool in IIS Application pools is stopped, WSUS will not function and SCCM will not update any clients. In anticipation of further troubleshooting, here is a workaround script to check the Application Pool and start it if it is not running. This script can…

Get Dell ambient temperature in powershell


Fun tip about powershell. You can pipe to the clipboard


Get last logged on user with PowerShell



Find SMTP addresses using ActiveDirectory module in PowerShell


How to get server core to always start with powershell on login

::server core always start with powershell ::in cmd type:

#After entering powershell, type (or if lazy = ‘copy’ + ‘paste’)

Now you will automatically have powershell open as the shell at logon.

System Center Virtual Machine Manager build numbers

For those of you who are looking for System Center Virtual Machine Manager build numbers, there is a great wiki article on technet about this. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/15361.system-center-virtual-machine-manager-list-of-build-numbers.aspx