Entrepreneur and experienced senior IT consultant with 18+ years of experience in Microsoft technologies. I focus on adding value by generating results.

I have experience as a project manager, leading a variety of IT projects. I also have leadership experience, having previously led a staff function for many years.

With extensive experience in management, maintenance, planning and design of IT systems, server and data-center infrastructure, server setup, virtualization, backup solutions and more, my goal is to deliver the best value and results to any client.

I work with the following areas:
Project management
IT architecture and solutions design
Cloud architecture, Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud
Data-center automation using System Center and PowerShell

Windows Server OS
System Center Suite
Active Directory

Data-center Architecture
Automatic deployment of servers and clients using SCCM 2012, Sysprep/WAIK.
Automation of software installation and client management etc. (Windows).
Backup systems


Time management
Leadership development
Business Creation
Value-Creation & Testing
The Human Mind
Productivity & Effectiveness
Problem Solving
Behavioral Change
Project Management
Corporate Skills
Corporate Strategy
Creativity & Innovation


Focused on virtualizing and automating everything and thinking outside the proverbial “box”.

Because my clients deserve better than what they can imagine; I am adamant that personal and professional improvement and lifelong learning are essential to success as well as a prerequisite for adding the absolute best value to my clients in the quickest, safest and best way possible.

I take a great interest in continuous learning and incremental improvement. I have a passion for leadership, business management, project management, time management, business strategy, business development, technology and entrepreneurship.

I always write down my tasks and goals because a task or goal that is not in writing is volatile and has no momentum or substance.

Time is not only essential in business but it is, in my opinion, essential in all parts of life. For that reason, time management and getting results are key factors for me in my work and in my life.